Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Art Prize - Grand Rapids, Michigan

Art Prize
So my architect friend Steve Fry had this amazing idea, which most recently came to fruition. From the moment he heard about Art Prize, one thing lead to another and before he knew it, he was in it. This concept took alot of lumber and steel not to mention man power and machinery just to get it in place. It is placed on top of one of Grand Rapids historic downtown bridges. One needs to actually visualize it to appreciate the work involved. I am proud to say I was a stand in artist just in case he needed extra hands. He and his amazing team were on target, and they nailed it!!! ( pun intended ) Check out the website for all of the fun facts about this amazing architect and contest. Remember the winners are voted on by the public either in person or online. Here is the website - check it out you won't be disappointed. You can place your vote online as well.     http://www.conceptdesigngroup.com/artprizeb.html 

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