Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Making a Dinner Donation - Great Idea

One of the chickies had a dinner party at her home a few weeks ago. She donated a dinner for 4 to a local charity event. Sometimes if you don't have extra cash or anything to donate when you get asked, than think about donating a dinner. She went in with two other couples and it was valid for one year. This is a great way to donate and it allows you some time to plan the fun event, splitting three ways gives you a break. Here on this unique table setting you will find a mixture of textures and color and patterns. Make your tablescape interesting by mixing old and new. Don't forget about juxtaposing light colors with dark colors. Balance your busy patterns with simplicity. With enough practice you will become better and better at layering all your fun dishes. Let's start listing the items at hand: Large dinner plate by Roscher the Fleurette Collection, Small salad plate scroll design by Anthropology , Hammered silverware by T. J. Maxx , Clear wine glass by Reidel, Green glass handblown and purchased in Mexico, Twig placemats purchased on Ebay , Linen table runner by Pottery Barn , Yellow napkin by Pier 1 Imports , Gold Antique goblet purchased on Ebay. Remember this is a collection of over 20 years, you can use just about anything and make it look interesting!

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