Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Bridal Party Attire

I love this outdoor picture of the bridal party. The picture conveys a light simple, fresh and casual feeling. I think photographed by the lake helps to achieve that effect. Outdoor lighting is great for that bright look too. 

The mens suits were linen ( from J Crew ), which was a perfect choice for the Yacht Club venue. The bridesmaids dresses were made of silk also from J Crew, which were a dressy casual feel as well. These dresses are ones that can be worn again and again. The flower girls dresses ( silk ) were also purchased from J Crew as well. I guess you could call this a J Crew wedding! Alyssa kept the neutral Khaki, Gold, Ivory theme throughout the wedding, with her invitations, table settings, decor etc...You can check out the Bride Michigan magazine for more ideas on her venue, flowers and so on. You can always email us on any info that you'd like on achieving your look for that special day! We'd be happy to share any info we have.

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