Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Art House - Brooklyn, N.Y.

I painted these little gems for Art House in Brooklyn, N.Y. and these little mixed media pieces were done using genuine copper leafing, vintage papers, graphite and acrylic. They measure 4 x 4" and can be hung individual or as a group. They are part of a small paintings project. I can paint these little gems all day long. I have fun with a small format and I can mail them easily. So guess what? I need to donate a few to my favorite causes. Next on the list is Doctors Without Borders. I have given in the past and feel that it's time again. It is such an amazing organization that it really strikes a cord. They help people whose lives have been threatened by violence, neglect and catastrophe. Give if you can to any organization, even if it's your time. It dosn't have to be money or gifts etc.... Your time is very valuable!

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