Monday, September 13, 2010

How to Make Creative Memories - Soft Book

1995  Grant - Age 4 on his first cruise

Grant - Age 5 on a commercial plane

2010 Grant - Age 19 in college now!

How do we make those memories? We travel, cook, work, read, argue, create, and love!  We do this all together as a family. So my way of remembering those special moments is to document them in some way. I noted in blogs past that I had taken a negative converter and added all negatives to my computer and wow was that worth it. The converter is by ION and it works wonderful. Now that the old pictures are right at hand I can start my creative memory soft book. I will post this as I work on the project. It will be a work in progress. My thoughts right now are to work in fabric and transfer the imagery on to a light muslin and add the pics to a stabilized silk back and create my book. I will then embellish the book with paint, fabric, lace, ribbon etc... always a work in progress with these ideas. I just wanted to show how the years have passed and I think it's time to finish his traditional school scrapbook, but also to select those pictures  I really treasure and create something that is out of the box. Do it my way the out of the box way! 

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