Sunday, September 5, 2010

Drop Cloth Girls Workshop in Chicago!

This piece was done in a Sue Pelletier workshop in Chicago. I loved this class, even if I was as slow as a turtle. There were ladies painting and collaging 5 to my 1, uh what's wrong with me? Sometimes I think I work too slow. In a workshop setting, I think it's hard to get the exact look your going for since your limited with your supplies, because you can't bring your whole studio to the class. This drop cloth girl is rather simple and cute. We started with a drop cloth and cut it to size over a board. We glued it down with gel medium and then started collaging and gluing fabrics, pieces of gauze and vintage papers. We then started our gestural drawings right on the board. We tweeked it a bit and then added the icing (bling things). Voila!!!

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