Monday, August 30, 2010

Hostessing for the beginner!

This amazing tiger lily is from my garden. The plant stands 5 1/2 feet tall.
Huge impact!

Prebought unfrosted cupcake - I added homemade butter frosting,  the cupcake holder and a pretty little pansy (purchased as well) and voila!

I love to throw parties! So here are a few of my suggestions for a failproof gathering. Summer is the best time to celebrate because its easy to have the party in your garden, terrace or lawn. I have borrowed round tables from my husbands office and covered them with nice linens and used my vintage outdoor urns filled with summer flowers as the center decorations.
I love pink champagne or my favorite Veuve Clicquot, it's very festive and fun. Love the bubbles! I will pair with some strawberries, blackberries and raspberries. I will also throw in a little cream cheese roulade or mini crabcakes. I will shop Sams for Costco for bulk, the only time I really shop in bulk.
I try to invite a fun group such as our close friends, artists, some business people, and of course those I owe an invite too. I think that is very acceptable. I try to keep the party lovely and interesting.
I do send invites through the mail because we all love those little lovelies dressed so pretty. I find email is acceptable but not as personal.
Oh and keep the menu simple and fresh. A pesto grilled chicken salad is amazing with anything! For the final touch, don't chince out on the dessert. The ladies love their sweets, and the guys do too as they age. Put Lindt white chocolate in a crystal bowl, they are wrapped in gold paper and they have that elegant look to them. I will purchase plain cupcakes and add a homemade butter frosting and a flower on top for that added elegance, and VOILA you nailed it!!!

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