Wednesday, February 22, 2012

artistic and recycled fingerless gloves - tutorial

 Pictured here is: a tracing of my hand - cut on a fold - out of fleece.

 Things you'll need are: a pattern - I made one out of a brown bag from the grocery store.
 fleece, old sweater or any other fabric you want to recycle. Thread, scissors, pins, sewing machine and buttons.
 First, I cut out the fleece for the lining of the gloves by using a pattern (pictured above) I made one from tracing my hand. Next cut out your sweater in strips and/or piece. Use your pattern for your sewn sweater pieces and cut to size. Remember the seams will show so no need to be perfect. I used the ribbing of the sweater sleeves for the tip of the gloves. That way there will be no fraying.
 I sewed the strips together with the seams showing. Thats the great thing about about this project,    mistakes are ok.
 I pinned the sewn sweater strips to the cut fleece and sewed around the glove. Make sure not to sew the top or where your finger goes.
 I placed it on my hand for a better fitting, in case I needed to take it in.
I added ribbon, lace, crystals and vintage buttons for the final touch. This project is an easy one considering I am a novice.  If I can make these anyone can.

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