Sunday, March 11, 2012

Easter Table DIY

 So this year I wanted to go all out and have some whimsy with my casual farm table in my sunroom. I wanted to decorate an Easter table that would be fun and full of different textures and color. 

Pictured here I have eggs and little white bunnies in a small galvanized tin tub, sitting in the kitchen. 
I have an overall casual feel to the decorations with a little garden feel to the decor. 

Here you can see that I have a couple of these next to each other. They are so cute and festive.

Here you will find a cast iron bunny sitting on my farm table with little wrapped candies.


I am almost done with decorating my Easter table, I simply love where it's going. I have been working on it for a few days now and feel like it's almost there. I started by putting down some burlap and then I added some shiny champagne fabric along with garland of natural materials to add the textures I was looking for. I then added moss place mats under round wicker place mats for that garden feel. Adding the ceramic bunnies was a must along with garden urns filled with plants, greenery and  moss. The easter garden theme is all unfolding and I am loving it. I will post more pictures as we get closer to our special Easter day.

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