Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A simple tutorial on making Napkin Rings!

So my fun creative artsy group that I belong to is called the Lovelies. We get together weekly for a light lunch and a fun project. At times we recycle, restyle and renew. Whatever the project, we have a blast. The miracle of this group (8 of us) is that we have been creating for about 2 years now with absolutely no issues. It all works, we all get along, inspire eachother and just simply flourish with creativity, friendship and true honesty to be ourselves. So here is a quick and easy project we worked on this week. It's a really cute napkin ring that can be made in minutes. 
You will need:
Wire, old or new. This wire was purchased at a floral shop, it is easily bendable and easy to cut.
Wire cutters
Silk Flowers
Hot glue gun/ extra glue

Silk Orchids

Playing, creates new ideas and different uses for the wire. As pictured here wrapped around a vase can create abit of whimsy on what was a simple glass vase.

Step 1. Wind the wire around a form like a plastic bottle, a rolling pin etc...
We added a curly cue at both ends.

Step 2. Snip the silk flowers from the stems, and hot glue in place.
Voila! It's that simple and great for your spring and summer tables. I love this for Easter.

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