Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring Is Here - Spring Luncheon

Now as the weather gets warmer and warmer we Michiganders get so excited to use our porches/sunrooms at the first sign of Spring or sunny hot days. So I decided to have a light lunch with my friends in the sunroom. I love my little room since I replaced a round iron and marble table with this long narrow antique harvest table. We have space to walk around the room freely now.
So as pictured here instead of using placemats, I used a long runner in the center of the table ( from Pier 1) and added some fresh tulips. I love to give gifts to my close friends so I decorated their plates with handmade vintage neclaces, embellished with black agate and white pearls. I also added a rhinestone tape measure from Pier 1. This group of friends are my crafting buddies hence the measuring tape! We always give fun little gifts at our luncheons. 
The dishes I used are from Pier 1 as well, and the napkins are from Pottery Barn. I have had the white large dinner plates for a few years now. I usually switch up my look each season by buying new salad plates. I feel like I have a whole new set of dishes then. I love to collect dishes old and new gathered from places I know and stumble upon.
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