Wednesday, May 11, 2011

painting of a shell

This painting has been around for a bit and I thought I would take it out of storage and admire it! My daughter is moving out onto a small lake in Michigan and I thought it fitting to see if there is a place we could hang it. Just because the painting has been in storage doesn't mean that I won't some day put it to use.  I am so glad that I remembered it and pulled it out. The painting was done by myself and three other artists that I use to paint with. I find that it is still interesting to me and I did have fun doing this collaborative piece. I feel that 3/4 of the piece works and there is 1/4 of it that doesn't. It doesn't because one of the artists was a fairly new painter and wasn't quite as strong in technique as the rest of us, in all fairness she wasn't trained. My daughter having a very distinctive eye, picked out the panel that doesn't work and would like me to paint over it and make it more cohesive with the rest. I was abit aprehensive because making the changes would remove some of the memories attached, but for my daughter I can make an exception! I love this piece because it reminds me of summer on the beach. My favorite thing to do when on the shoreline is to get that hunch back, you know the one you get when your bending over searching for that perfect shell. I love summer!

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