Monday, November 15, 2010

Color Me World Madeira Thread

After being gone for two weeks on an Anniversary trip, I am so glad to be in the USA. There's no place like home, there's no place like home. Oh how wonderful I am home! Even though I appreciate the opportunity to visit other places and absorb the culture even if it's for a short time, dang it it always feels good to be back in my own bed. Are we creatures of habit? From the coffee we pour in the morning to the lunch we pick at mid-day or the dinner we sit and contemplate about having. Not sure, but the familiarity of the smell of our homes to the softness of our beds to the refreshing faces we see on a weekly basis. It all makes up who we are, and that folks makes home. I love it and so appreciate that too! I have learned one thing being gone for two weeks, I love to travel with the our kids, and plan to do it more often. They really are fun and having grown children is a great place to be in my life. Come on kids, let's plan a trip. carried away there. I am also ecstatic to be back in the studio, now that it is Christmas time! So much to do and think about, my mind is ready to rock and roll!!! I will be making lots and lots of jewelry for my annual open house and I will also start working on some new paintings. Oh how I miss the feel of the knife scraping on my palette full of paints. The mixing of the paint and the feel of scrubbing it on the canvas. I think I will start a series from my recent trip and use Greece and Venice as my inspiration. If I don't get to it this month that will be my January project to start painting!
The wonderful color above is a picture of threads that come in a kit by Madeira and the picture below is the one and only new Cricut. It is the Cricut Imagine Machine which cuts and prints your work all in one, perhaps I will ask Santa for one of these or maybe even both. Oh Santa I have been a good girl!

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