Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Oympia, Greece

Here is the site for the first Olympic Games, Olympia, Greece. What a beautiful place to visit the first week of November. The wind fresh and cool, the air clean and crisp, the visitors at a low. What could be better than a walk through the place of the first olympic games. Remember the first Olympic games were not inaugurated until 776 BC. from then on, every four years, the peoples of Greece ceased hostilities,  spectators, as well as athletes ( all men only ) from all over the ancient world to compete.
Thank goodness times have changed. So happy now that we can see all compete! Back then, as today the winners received numerous gifts. The ancient winners would receive a palm of honor and perhaps a crown of olive leaves. The top gift would of course be that they would get a statue in their honour!
Anyway, this is only one stop that we have taken on our Anniversary trip. What a glorious time to travel and if you want to enjoy the sites, have great meals, and the advantages of a small ship. One should consider the beautiful ship by Seabourn, the Odyssey. I would most likely take this trip again or better yet recommend it to my friends. The service is great on the ship and it is very well maintained and not over decorated, simple yet elegant. Great ship, Great trip and of course Great Celebration with my wonderful husband of 30 years.

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