Monday, June 15, 2009

Cyan in nature

  • Cyan in nature
  • Pure water is nearly colorless. However, it does absorb slightly more red light than blue, giving large volumes of water a bluish tint; increased scattering of blue light due to fine particles in the water shifts the blue color toward green, for a typically cyan net color. - wikipedia
  • A greenish blue, one of the subtractive primary colors. n. cyan
  • I couldn't help but find what the official definition of cyan was. This photograph of mine has not been altered. It must have been the lighting, time of day and camera setting. It is such a beautiful image I needed to share it with you. This is most definitely a painting want to be! It does remind me of my latest work with sterling silver leafing. I have learned to work in large numbers, most of the time 8 - 10 paintings at once. There are occasionally those pieces that I will paint over and repurpose. That is my latest modus operandi. I have a terrible hobby of collecting anything and everything, in the hopes of someday reusing the object or repurposing it.I love collecting old jewelry and new, dishes, glasses, vintage clothes, handbags, shoes and old furniture. Why? because you never know. This image was taken on Lake Michigan in Bay Harbor, during the winter. I will be vacationing soon in Northern Michigan and can't wait for more wonderful inspiration to happen. 

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