Saturday, June 13, 2009

daily journal

I have found this old journal I onced used daily. This page from the journal is probably one of my favorites because of its simplicity. I love drawing and writing so perhaps thats why I am drawn to the black marker in this page. I also love the sunflower randomly placed on the page as well. I need to post the sunflower I painted most recently, it's an awesome painting! I love using photographs in my artwork along with maps, fun words and doodles.  I really adding just about anything to my collage pieces.This was my sketchbook daily journal I took with me when I went to Italy. I add pages that are primed and ready to paint as well. I also have pages in the book that are full paintings and some that are nowhere near completed. Thats the joy of it, it is therefore it's my art. Its a journal and a camera I always travel with or I would feel void. I always want to document in some way possible. I have since moved to many other journals that I enjoy equally. The object is to document and enjoy those special moments, objects, people, places we can use them in our paintings if we chose to. right?

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