Tuesday, June 9, 2009

painting clouds

Well today was a day painting clouds, I think they are looking pretty good. It's kind of fun painting clouds because I move my hand and brush very quickly. I like to blend so it feels very familiar to me. I am new to painting clouds but really enjoy them. These clouds need a little more work, highlighting I believe. I will hit them with some warm white. I continue to work with sterling silver leafing, oops this one is copper leafing. Like I said yesterday, I will start to manipulate the leafing purely out of boredom. I have to see the transition or evolution into a different subject or composition. This piece is in the beginning stages, and I so hope to make this evolve. When we look at landscapes we as viewers and artists deal with very predictable ideas, my goal should be to imagine the space differently. I want the viewer to look at the air and imagine the air and not have boundaries. But, I have laid in the horizon. I need to add other elements to achieve my goal, maybe mist or sun. I need to take a break, maybe I will go shopping. I am travelling to key west soon and I need a couple more summer pieces. I love shopping as much as I love painting. I know nothing about Key West, other than it is south of Miami. I am thinking very casual, fun, warm,carefree, okay so that is the way I am packing. I will not forget the camera, love those Kodak moments and my Canon 30D. I never thought I would adapt to digital, since I am a product of the dark room. Love the manipulation one can do on the computer. Too many interests and not enough time!

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