Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Oh my peony

My peony plant is ready to bloom and I am anxiously awaiting. This amazing plant is another one of my favorites in my garden. I cut a couple blossoms late week and every time I had a visitor they thought the flowers had come from a wedding, perhaps it is the white full blossom that makes it look very formal and ready for the stage or a very special occasion. I did do a painting of this and it went to my gallery in Lansing, I am searching for my documentation/picture of this amazing little painting. I did this in a small format and in mixed media with 14k gold leafing and oil. Sweet little painting! Peony plants bear an attractive, glossy green foliage that reaches 2'-3' in height with a similar spread. But their popularity is due mainly to their flowers. The most striking peony flowers are the highly fragrant, massive doubles, usually pink, red or white. Other colors and flower types do exist, however. There's even a hybrid with yellow flowers. Peony plants bloom in late spring or early summer. There are peony plants that are indigenous to China, Europe and the Western U.S. Oh what a wonderful plant!!!

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