Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summer Party/ Wedding Flower Arrangement

The reason I have been writing so much lately about weddings is because my middle daughter just got married on June 4th in Northern Michigan and it's still fresh in my mind and I want to share all the wedding stuff I can with you. Pictured here is an amazing flower arrangement that was made for a cocktail/bar shower we had for her and her fiance' in May. It was a blast in case anyone is interested in throwing a bar party for a happy couple. The newlyweds now have a completely stocked bar for family and guests that are stopping in for a visit. We set this stunning arrangement on a bar area in the kitchen that is raised above the regular height snack bar. It stands alone because of the size and beauty. It is a very large container vessel which is antique inspired mercury glass. Inside the container the florist placed a black plastic container with a green oasis floral form for the flowers to take residence for the next week or so. Now for the good stuff taking center stage, are very large light pink roses, white hydreangeas, dark ivory roses, pink orchids, and sprawling eucalyptus. I loved the container so much I went out and purchased the very identical one so that I can continue to recreate the same amazing display. If you want an outstanding vase then check this one out from Horchow, simple lovely!

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