Saturday, August 7, 2010

Wood TV Eight - Eight West

I am into another store and so excited to be with this awesome store called Pink Blvd. in the East Hills Neighborhood of Grand Rapids, Mi. They have fun, fashionable and fantastic finds at this wonderful little boutique! If you get a chance check it out. In the meantime I thought I would share a link to my jewelry spot on television, whoot, whoot. I think that Rachael Ruiz really liked it! In the meantime I have made the above piece with vintage chain, vintage beads, buttons and pearls. There is also vintage charms and a lovely baroque pearl in ivory. I kind of hope this piece doesn't sell for awhile so I can enjoy it. As always you can send me an email or check out my website at I won't be creating jewelry for a couple of weeks I need to focus on Art Prize Grand Rapids, one of the nations largest art competition. Wow, do I have alot going on or what. The deadline will be approaching soon. I will be exhibiting at the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel, a Grand Rapids luxury hotel. Stay in the know!!! and check back often. 

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