Sunday, February 7, 2010

Floral Class with the girls

So our Tuesday Crafternoon girls decided to take a break from the studio and take a private lesson. What a great idea! We are a group of 5 gals and what a wonderful group we are, we get along and like eachother and we look forward to meeting each and everyweek. Nobody tries to take over or feels inadequate. It's pure fun and social!!! Try it, when it works it's a great way to get inspired and motivated to create.Ok, so we decided to mix it up abit so we took a private lesson at a local flower shop. This is the outcome from the class. We made a flower arrangement with beautiful mums, limes, roses and fern. This arrangement created much texture, color and aroma. The good thing about doing private lessons is you can ask many questions and have more of a personal experience. We just loved it and the floral arrangement lasted almost two weeks. Our next private lesson will be chocolate making and decorating with chocolate. Can't wait :) and after that we are taking skeet lessons. Busy little group we are. 

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