Friday, January 8, 2010

Remembering Salvador Dali in Spain

So I just had my old slides converted to my computer, whew what a job! Thank you Alexa for all your help. We used a converter by Ion and for the price it worked rather well. The next big job is converting my old negatives which will take even longer. A big shout out to the digital age! This whole process is like taking a journey down memory lane, which we loved. Upon one of my many trips this one really stands out. The hometown of the one and only self absorbed amazing Salvador Dali. This little village of course is Cadaques, Spain. If you ever get a chance to visit, it is worth the trip. I spent a couple of days and nights there and was lucky enough to have a friend whom lived in Spain to take us to all of the points of interest. Thank you Claudia!

This is a little area in the Dali home where he displayed a few of his collections. Not only did he collect chairs he had many collections. In just about every nook he would have a happy surprise for the on looker ( like hands made into chairs. )

If you get a chance you must also visit the Dali museum in town ( Figueres). This is in the provence of Girona. At one point the home of Lance Armstrong and Sheryl Crow. Stop in the village of Girona, it is the cutest little village you ever been too. It feels like a little Italy without all the people. This is a picture of the top of the Dali museum. Ok do I get it? Not sure, eggs, eggs and more eggs. Really big eggs on the top of the building. Despite his phobias and eccentric behavior, Dali was a very talented artist and his illustrations are amazing. Spain is a must visit, we loved it and would like to someday to have the chance to go back.

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