Thursday, October 8, 2009

Smart Car Tour in Northern Michigan

We took a drive about 3 hours north of where we live, and we made a stop at a general store for some snacks, and look what we came upon. It had to have been a Smart Car Tour. I only took a picture of three of the little gems, but there were about 6 at the stop. I was really close and the lens would only fit three in the view finder. Mind you we are in the middle of nowhere and you just don't see 6 of these little cars all parked in a row, no coincidence. It was such a glorious day and a perfect one for sight seeing by car. It's the ideal thing to do on a sunny day to catch some colors and reaching around 40 mpg. That's pretty darn good isn't it? The first thing I think of when I see these cute little cars. Are they safe? That would probably keep me from buying one, I don't know. Then I come across this site you need to check it out. It's crazy, a smart car in a crash! Most SUVs weigh in around 4000 lbs. and the smart car weighs in around 1700 lbs. You do the math. I will have to do alot of research on this adorable little car, before I consider it. I really think the mini Cooper is cute too!!! Oh here is the big crash.

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