Sunday, August 23, 2009

Furniture at the Bellagio Spa

This piece of furniture at the Bellagio Spa caught my eye, not only because of it's beauty but because it wasn't new and shiny. It was an old piece of furniture that was repurposed and made new. It was covered in really interesting bits and pieces of plates, cups and saucers (mosaic). It even had a few pieces missing. I loved the fact that such a big and glamorous hotel had very unique and eclectic old furniture fused into the decor. As a mixed media artist, I love to look for the contrast between new - old, distressed - smooth, high - low contrast etc...basically anything that captures my attention. I always keep that camera in hand because, remember you can't go back or you have forgotten what it actually looked like or you have forgotten those wonderful little nuances. It's that simple CARRY THE CAMERA!!!  My latest place to go for do it yourself projects is  You'll love it.

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