Thursday, July 9, 2009

Binder Park Zoo

This pic of a giraffe is soo cute! Grant has a great camera and a great eye for photography. He took a couple of classes in High School and hopefully he will continue in college. So excited, I added a new pic on the left, love Ben Stiller and Lance Armstrong. We are following the Tour De France, and today they were in Girona Spain to Barcelona. The rain slowed them down a bit, but they kept going. I loved this stage because I have been to Girona and it takes me back to when I was there. It is such a wonderful small town, reminds me of a small village in Italy. It is part of the Catalonia region with a very rich and colorful history. It was first inhabited by Iberians then later by the romans. I knew it, the town has a very Italianesque feel. Anyhoot, love the pics from Grants field trip to the zoo and love following Lance. 

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