Sunday, November 16, 2008

good times in chicago!

I had the pleasure of visiting both of my daughters this past week. One daughter lives in Boulder, Co. the other in Chicago. Whew! I tired! Boulder is so great in that everything pertaining to food and life seems to be so fresh and organic and green. Makes me want to do what I can to help (mother earth). After my celebration visit there, ( son in law receives his ph.d in chemical engineering) i stop in Chicago to do a painting workshop with the renowned artist Ms. Diane Rath. Talk about pushing myself! Not so easy since I think we all do our worst work in a workshop/school setting. I was nervous, anxious, not prepared, on and on. Somehow I still managed to take away a few things that I will carry on to my studio. She put out the information as fast as I could grab it. The other students were nice and polite and very welcoming, once relaxed I had a good journey. Learning and/or revisiting is always a good thing.

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