Sunday, January 15, 2012

Napkin Rings for the Fun of it!

I have had a luncheon for my girlfriends, Thanksgiving, Christmas and friends all over for dinner in the past couple of months. Guess what has been the hit or the topic of conversation? Yes you guessed it, the napkin ring. The adults have played, the kids have played and yes even granny and grandpa. They play little games like "lets see who can be the most creative with these fun twisty flexy rings", by making fun and inventive shapes. Many hours have been accumulated playing with these oh so pretty and fun napkin rings! Everybody wants to know where I purchased them and where they can buy them. I purchase them in bulk and decided to put them for sale on my website. Check out for details (under goodies). They can be purchased in sets of 6 and 12. They come in bronze and bright gold and measure approx. 32" these fun little dittis bring a whole new level of creativity to the family and dining.

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