Monday, December 5, 2011

Upcycled Bracelet

A close-up of one of my latest bracelets. In this piece I used an old bracelet that was covered with faux pearls and shells. I loved the bracelet because it is made on a stretchy band. So guess what I did? Yes, I removed all the faux pearls and shells and added hill silver beads, swarovski crystals, genuine pearls, a vintage pink bead and an ex-large genuine pearl cluster bead. 

Sometimes I think when bracelets are covered with beads they can look typical. In this case I thought since the recycled bracelet had substance, all I needed to do was add beads asymmetrically to create interest. The bracelet also was upgraded in that natural and genuine pearls and beads were used. If you have any pieces you'd love up-cycled contact they have a service in which they will up-cycle your pieces starting at 25. I love unique and one of a kind pieces of jewelry, it's so in!

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