Friday, January 21, 2011

The New Pearl Earrings!

Pearl jewel box earrings

For my Friday Finds I spotted these little numbers from J.Crew and WinifredGrace. Don't they look chic? I think that the new pearl earrings of today are easily worn from day to evening. They can be over the top or understated. This pair has alittle bauble and alittle bling. I love the simplicity and sophistication. They can be worn with just about anything. I can see them with a crisp clean white blouse/shirt and a freshly pressed pair of jeans. How about an evening gown, oh for sure. I love them Muchly!


Ok how about adding this aaamazing bracelet to your outfit and don't forget earrings above. The reason they work together is they have that common thread of the rhinestones, which make them compliment eachother. This piece not only has a rocker vibe but also has that bit of chic bling thing going on. I would wear them together for a more casual look. This swaaeet bracelet is from WinifredGrace and you can check out more of her amazing work. Be sure to check out TinaRothwell she rocks as well, with her mixed media, vintage inspired and natural gemstone jewelry! Oh did I mention it is Friday and I am off to a funfilled day with baby Oliver,  love to spend time with the family. You do the same and have a funtastic weekend! I know I will.

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