Wednesday, September 22, 2010

How to make a clutch out of a coffee bag - recycling

I thought I would show how these clutches are made.
1).  I take paper, any kind of paper and begin painting on it.
When the paper is dry, I will add stamps and/ or begin random writing.
2) I then take my coffee bag and cut to any size. I do this by eye, very visual I am. 
3) I then start to attach the paper to the coffee bag by stitching very naturally. I move the machine every which way to get lines of all sorts. 

4.)  Once I am happy with my mark making I then cut my muslin to size. I measure the coffee bag and match the muslin. I attach the two by turning inside out and sewing the seams. Sometimes I don't even turn out, because I love the ragged edges. 

5.) I will attach the two by adding a contrasting color or a matching color with a fun stitch. Once I am happy with the results I can move on to embellishing.

6.) Now it's time for embellishing, and with this clutch I added extra fabric and a vintage enamel orange flower. I love vintage brooches on clutches they put the icing on the cake! I try to think about texture, color and shape when designing my clutches, always looking for that interest that can make your project pop. 

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