Saturday, May 29, 2010

Jewels, Jewels and Vintage Inspired Jewels!

This amazing necklace is so pretty I want to make one for myself. I love the simplicity and the natural gems in this piece, not to mention the size of the pearl wow! I have been really busy making jewels, jewels and vintage inspired jewels for a couple of boutiques in the area. I need to continue painting as well, so I don't forget how to paint. Naw....I won't forget It's in my blood. I am an artist that dabbles in everything and all things! So I am always painting, playing and creating. Stop by the Gallery on Main in Bay Harbor if your in northern michigan and want to see some of my recent works in oil and jewelry design. Shout out to Larissa for carrying both. If your in Grand Rapids stop by Miss J Boutique and salon at celebration if your down state! Jackies new boutique and salon is in a great location off the E. Beltline and Knapp Street which is directly across from Meijers and D & W grocery stores. She has a wide range of services and talented young stylists. The salon is really nicely decorated in a very chic and contemporary design with a bit of elegance. Stop by or call and make an appt. you will be glad you did. 

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