Monday, November 23, 2009

the inn at bay harbor, michigan

so we took a couple of days and headed north to our favorite spot on earth, good hart michigan. when we head to northern michigan we stay at the inn at bay harbor. it's low season so we ended up getting a good rate and a wonderful room overlooking the bay. it was unusually warm and the sunsets were fab. as we were leaving the hotel, i stopped and noticed the only flowers left in the garden. they were these amazing soft delicate but hardy white roses. wow! who would have thought. they were lining the sidewalk and the bushes were about dead for the season, how did  i spot them? i look at beauty like this and it just makes me happy. the simple things in life, gotta love it. the inn was purchased not to long ago by marriott and it is rather nice and can accommodate couples and families alike. the spa is really relaxing and a great place to get in the holiday mode. the views of the bay were amazing this past weekend, colors of pinks and purples with silvery blues and the still calm waters. crazy crazy beautiful!!!

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