Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Loving Embroidery Designs

So I decided, being a chickelala that I would just keep creating and doing. I came up with this design on this particular fabric for the show, and I think it is really unique. I love it !!! I used fabric that is mold resistant and waterproof. These pillows can be used inside or out. I love using pillows of many fabrics outside during the spring, summer or fall. It makes the outdoors feel so comfy cozy. Lately I have been kindof leaning toward antlers and deer, I feel like my little birds have taken a back seat. I will make them resurface again, but for now I am loving anything deer related. I can love many things at once can't I?
I use a Babylock Elegante for all my sewing and embroidery. The machine sews beautifully, and can really be used for many things. I am constantly learning on this amazing machine.

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