Thursday, July 23, 2009

Desert trip to Las Vegas and Phoenix

So last week I spent a few days in Las Vegas at the Bellagio, while the hubby worked. It was incredibly uncomfortable due to the heat. I did however, get alot of eye candy. The glitz, glamour and gateau was unbelievable. This was a picture I took of a treat at the Bellagio Cafe, who needs any other cafe' or restaurant. Who cares what it tastes like, I just want to look at it and continue taking pictures of all of their treats. The gelato was also pretty and tasted truly amazing, love the coconut. I feel inspired to paint food items after close observations of these unbelievable desserts. Oh yes...I will for now add them to my library. One can dream of all the time in the world. After leaving Las Vegas we scooted over to Phoenix to visit our oldest daughter, another fine desert locale. I will appreciate the desert come December, January and February. So looking at this pretty chocolate gateau, I find the textural element of the photogragh interesting. I am drawn to the matte and glossy finish of the dessert. The blue and white seem to balance the heaviness of the chocolate. It seems to compliment the pink on the table or counter. Let's keep this wonderful picture, it just lures me in. 

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