Thursday, May 1, 2008

the beginning of a 30 day artist! or my 30 day journal

oh what fun to be selected as the 30 day artist! it'll be challenging, but i think i can handle it. thirty to forty completed pieces, whew! so i have been thinking about what to do, and it hit me. so i thought i would share my know how of work on multiple panels, i know it's nothing new. hopefully, if all goes the way i plan. i will evolve and take a journey to a new and interesting diversion of an old way of doing something. after all don't artists learn from once was?

so, i start with four gessoed panels, i then select my image from my library. i divide in into fours, since that is how i would like it to look. i start by drawing each corresponding quarter sheet to each panel. i work very loosly as you can see. i only work with oil, so i add a medium to help aid the drying time. i tighten up as the day goes on, and paint drys.

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